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12 Points to Consider When Planning Bathroom Design

12 Points to Consider When Planning Bathroom Design

With some planning you can get a lot more than just “functional” from your Bathroom. You can integrate it into your home and decor and enhance your house value. Here are the pivotal 12 points that you may consider.

Use eye-catching materials and preferably with brighter colors. This will not only give hygienic and clean feel and look but also give a sense of space and welcome.

Shop around for new and fashionable ideas and don’t just replace. New advances in technology have provided the industry with a lot of products that were never imagined a couple of decades ago.

Try to think about new trends in Bathroom functionality like having two sinks or showers so residents can share time in the room.

You can mix and match colors as long as they go and you can mach furniture and towels etc. Such design allows for fast changes in theme with out the need for an overall change.

When it comes to that overall feel in relation to users, you can opt for sleek design in neutrals if you want a masculine feel and try grey, taupe, beiges. For a more common “her and his” bathroom, add more touch of color towards satisfying the feminine aspects.

For a neutral place use whiter bathrooms that never go out of style. Try the new off-white and cream shades for a clean, relaxing atmosphere that goes with anything and is a safe-bet if you’re planning to sell.

Making the best use of space and organization gives the room a symmetrical appearance and a feel of space and airiness. Put in some cabinets for towels and linens if the space allows but take care with colors and designs.

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There is so much to look for when it come to lighting but the main aspect about lighting is that it adds that depth and dimension to corners and can make a small bathroom look much bigger. You can play with lighting to create the type of mood and atmosphere that you dream of.

Mix lighting with wall-mounted mirror/s that can add depth and dimension. Take care though that mirrors need a lot attention in cleaning and de-misting. Natural light from windows is as important replace old drafty windows with larger light inviting modern ones that are also energy efficient and allow for that enlarged space feeling. Artificial and candle light and feel provides that look and feel that you may dream of and only believe exist in movies.

Not only modern that is cool, you can go for classic and retro styles if it goes with the overall design and feel of the house but prepare to be adventures and know your history.

If your bathroom size allows and you have that budget and desire then you can include lots of options like Jacuzzi, Spa, soaking tub, or walk-in shower, dressing/grooming area or a Sauna attached.

There are functional points that you have to factor in when it come to designing for special needs people and different ages that you probably need to take advice on.

What ever your priorities, needs and aspirations are you can never finish when you come to deciding the design your main bathroom component the bathroom suite for example due to the vast variety of it. The internet is vast and resourceful and I personally take most of my aspiration from what is available there.

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