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A Look at the Home Water Dispenser

A Look at the Home Water Dispenser

Do you trust your city water (H2O)? Not if you are smart. There have been over two thousand pollutants found in our drinking supply, and that is not the worst of the situation. While treatment plants are doing their best to purify it, they have limited funding and old systems. And they are using cheap chemicals to clean and purify it. While this method is working to kill most of the bacteria and other harmful substances, it is still filling our supply with chemicals that are also harmful contaminants to the human body. For this reason, all of us should take our health seriously and invest in a home water dispenser.

In 2008, a study showed that 53% of Americans were worried about what might be in their drinking H2O. And since that time, this number has greatly increased. Many drink it in bottled form. And while this might offer a good temporary solution, it can get quite expensive if you have to purchase all of drinking supply this way.

And not only this, but you will be adding to the waste of our land. A much more cost effective and earth friendly solution would be to obtain a filtered dispenser that you could use at your own convenience.

Have you ever heard of a home water dispenser? This is a cooler in a free standing system that will keep your H2O cool and ready to dispense whenever you need it. It is quite a handy device to have and will keep you from purchasing bottled H2O again and again. Instead, you can use the same reusable cup to get a drink and quench your thirst whenever you feel the need.

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The H2O that you supply to this cooler should be purified before it is placed in the cooler unit. You can use reusable tanks that are refilled at a filtered source for this. Some coolers even come with the flexible option of being able to heat and cool H2O. You can choose the hot variety whenever you need something warm, and the cooler when you want to quench your thirst.

There are both tabletop water dispensers as well as free standing ones. These will also come in a variety of different sizes and prices. You will need to determine how much your budget can afford and what options would be most practical for your use. Most hold anywhere from three to five gallons of water.