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Antique Bathroom Decorating Tips For a Great Bathroom Design

Antique Bathroom Decorating Tips For a Great Bathroom Design

The bathroom is all too often the most overlooked area of the home when it comes to decorating. People don’t find bathrooms attractive, yet they should, as it is one of the most used rooms, for things such as daily grooming, showering, taking that hot relaxing bubble bath and even retreating to when things get tough and one needs a quiet moment to be left alone.

The bathroom is a functional room that is mostly focused on how to best optimize the little space in it, but there is no reason whey it should not be highly decorative as well. Many times all you need is watching those second hand cheap but cute things that can add lots of character and elegance to the room. Check out various yard sales, auctions, thrift stores and especially antique markets for decorating ideas.

When you are next redecorating your bathroom, instead of buying the typical sinks that everybody including your neighbor has, why don’t you get some fancy and different sink types such as vintage pedestal sinks at various garage or yard sales. Sometimes you can really luck out with a gorgeous piece simply because the family is moving away and they really need to sell out. Having a beautiful oversized old style sink can add lots of character to any bathroom.

If you can’t find a sink that you like, you can also make it look vintage by adding antique accessories and antique fixtures made of cast iron.

A tip I have read in a magazine a while ago was to add rubber bike tires as mirror frames. Now this is a tip that I wouldn’t have thought in a million years about. All you need is two round cheap mirrors from your local store – however make sure to first measure the diameter to fit inside the tires nicely. Add two of these mirrors on the wall just above your new old fashioned style sink and you’ll see the difference in your bathroom already, and you have hardly started with the redecoration.

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Also get some steel bars and shelves that you can conveniently place on your wall next to your new chic mirrors above your sink, and the look will be truly vintage and unique.

Additionally you can easily get antique stained glass windows that not only ensure your privacy but also bring back your bathroom to a vintage style that was highly popular in the 1920s.

Don’t forget that bathrooms are rooms with a high level of traffic everyday so avoid buying very delicate things that are easily breakable. If you are installing a vintage faucet, you might need to hire a professional plumber since they have other fittings than the typical modern faucets and sinks.