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Brass Name Plaques, Office Signs and Door Name Plates – Tips for Maintenance

Brass Name Plaques, Office Signs and Door Name Plates – Tips for Maintenance

Brass name plaques are an iconic and an elegant way to commemorate an individual, or even a momentous occasion. Brass plaques are also used as office signs and door name plates. Often, they have beautiful metal engraving on them. But these brass name plaques and signs often develop a greenish coating on their surface. This holds particularly true for brass door name plates, as they are often exposed more than the others since they usually hang on doors outside. This greenish coat, a sign of corrosion, can obscure the metal engraving on the plaque or sign over time, so it is important to remove it and/or prevent it from developing at all. Maintaining your brass plaques and signs need not be difficult job. Here are some tips to help you take care of your name plaques, office signs and door name plates, so that they will always retain their sophisticated charm and charisma:

• The harsh elements, as well as the pollutants in the air, mar the beauty and luster of brass plaques. If you notice any layers building up, the first thing you should do is wash the plaques with a solution of ivory soap and water. This should be done softly with a kitchen brush since a hard brush could scratch them. Do not use detergents as they can be too harsh. You might end up with a clean, but dulled plate.

• Rinse the etched plate well, until the greenish layers are all washed off. The last rinse should be done with distilled water to ensure that the brass plaque does not have a residue of any dissolved salts or chemicals.

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• Dry the surface using a slightly moist, but clean cloth. This is because a dry cloth might make minute scratches which can dull the brass over time. Be sure to dry the crevices and deep parts of the metal engraving carefully. No water droplets must remain in them. If you can keep the plaque or sign in a dry place under the sun after this, do so.

• Applying a layer of wax after drying, and then brushing it off with a soft cloth or brush is helpful in preserving the shine of the plate and the clarity of the engraving.

If the layers of dirt and corrosion are too thick, and you can’t remove them through the process given above, then you should use a cleaner specially formulated for brass plates. With only a bit of care and work, your brass name plaques, office signs and door name plates will keep their shine for a very long time. Remember, neglecting them will only result in creating a bad impression, as people enter your home or office.