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Choosing the Best New Refrigerator

Choosing the Best New Refrigerator

Kitchen remodeling is an expensive project, no matter what you decide to tackle. One of the most expensive decisions you’ll make is choosing new appliances. Whether you do replace all the appliances or just one, it’s a big decision. So knowing what options are available makes it easier and more doable.

The first question to ask yourself is, “do I need to replace everything or just one appliance?” The answer to this will affect all of your research and shopping. Obviously, the more you buy, the more you’ll spend. But some stores do have promotional deals when you make big purchases. The next question is brand preference. Do you have a particular brand name that you trust more than others? This may require some research. It’s easy to rely on what we’ve ‘always’ had. But it might serve you better to research which brands are most reliable and longest lasting. Asking friends about their experiences is a good start. Checking with a repairman to see which appliances are most reliable is another. Third, a consumer friendly magazine, such as Consumer Reports, is a good way to find out more information. The next question is about color. Are you going all white? Off white? Black? Or stainless steel? Some very high-end kitchens actually have appliances that blend in with the woodwork!

If you’d determined that a new refrigerator is in your future, there are still a lot of decisions to make. There are basically three types of refrigerator-freezer combinations available. One is the traditional freezer on top, refrigerator on the bottom model. The second is the reverse of that with the freezer on the bottom. And the third is the side model, which gives equal space to both. Another option for very fancy kitchens is a separate refrigerator and freezer. This is only for people, however with huge kitchen and huge budgets, who do a lot of entertaining. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of space.

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Once you’ve decided which type meets your needs, you’ll need to choose whether it has an ice maker-water dispenser on the outside. This is a very popular option. But it also means there is more to go wrong and more to repair. Some families find this option a lifesaver, particularly the ice dispensing. Others see it as a dust collector or something for their little kids to play with. So keep that in mind when purchasing.