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Home Improvement Can Be Fun!

Home Improvement Can Be Fun!

Home improvement and home remodeling can be an arduous task, but if you are really committed to redoing your home, it can be a very fun experience! Last summer I decided to do a little home improvement and home remodeling. I wanted to put in a jacuzzi in my backyard and redo my master bathroom. Some of it I was able to do on my own, but for the more tricky repairs, I called in a handy man to help me.

I decided to put in a jacuzzi in my backyard primarily for relaxation purposes. My husband also wanted a jacuzzi and so did my kids. So I went to a pool and jacuzzi store and picked out one we all agreed on. I had a handy man come in to do all of the digging and assembling. He had to dig a very big and deep hole in my backyard in order for the jacuzzi to fit there. It took him just about a week to put in. It came with ten powerful jets and five less powerful ones. The jacuzzi had steps all around the circumference, so you could enter in anyway. It was about five feet deep and had handle rails and a cover to cover it when it was not being used.

My husband and kids loved the new jacuzzi! They use it just about every night. Sometimes my husband will bring a book out there at night and just relax there reading his book. When it is a cold night, it feels so good to get into the boiling hot tub. The kids sometimes invite a friend or two over to enjoy the hot tub. They even asked me if they can have a jacuzzi birthday party. I guess I’ll have to think about that one.

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The next task on my list after the building of the jacuzzi, was redoing my master bathroom. I knew what I had in mind. I wanted to retile the floors and walls, put in a new shower and bath, and pick out a new shower curtain, towels, and floor mat. The tiling my husband actually helped me do. We picked out a pearl-white tile color. We used small one by one inch tiles for the walls and one by one foot tiles for the floors. It was a very clean look. Then we had a handy man come in to put in a new shower and bath. The new shower had a shower head with stronger water pressure and it hung down vertically from the ceiling. We had the handy man make the bath larger. Before only one person could fit in there, now two people are able to fit comfortably in the tub.

Once all of the repairs were done, I was able to have fun and decorate. I picked out matching hand towels, bath towels, a curtain, and floor mat. They were all a cream color with one purple stripe. The cream color was used to match the tiles of course. I am really satisfied with my new home repairs and suggest everyone do a little remodeling on their home, just to change things up a bit!