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Home Improvement Ideas – A Functional Garage Overhaul

Home Improvement Ideas – A Functional Garage Overhaul

When you take a close look at your home and you think about what your next home improvement should be, you probably think about the usual things that your neighbors have already had done to their homes. Things like a new fence for your front yard, maybe an addition that will give you another space in your home for something such as a sunroom or a family room. Chances are that you never have considered a home improvement such an attached garage.

An attached “garage” doesn’t have to just house your car. You can add a dormer or functional work space, a place for hobbies and crafts, a game area or exercise room and more. If you’ve got limited space in your home for improvement and these are all appealing then you’ve got all the more reason to opt for an attached garage – depending on the size of your finished space you could have a number of these spaces incorporated into the home improvement addition.

Your vehicle is as much of an investment as your home and of course you want to do everything that you can in order to protect that investment. There is no better way to protect your vehicle than having a place where you can store it and keep it safe from the elements, and having an attached garage will do that job nicely.

There are many home owners who have a little shed in their backyard. They bought that shed with the express purpose to use it to store items such as their lawn mower and their snow blower. Unfortunately, with time and exposure to bad weather conditions, that little shed has broken down, and after a few years, has actually become an eyesore and it winds up being discarded. With an attached garage, you can have more than enough space to store both of those machines and more and you won’t be throwing a garage away any time soon.

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Of course if you want to do more than just store your car, and you like to like to perform some of your own maintenance on your car, then the expense of adding an attached garage for your next home improvement project will pay for itself over the next few years, as you not only get to store your cherished vehicle, but you can also do the basics to keep that car running at a peak level, and of course save on the costs of that maintenance because you have the space to do the work on your own. It’s a win/win!

Home improvement also offers a good opportunity to earn some money back on that functional addition and garage. If you own a home business and you stack your office with your attached garage space then you can claim part of your home expenses, payments and utilities on your taxes. Tax benefits aside any home improvement will improve the market value of your home so should you ever move you can look forward to make your investment back.