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Home Improvement – Three Why’s to Modernize

Home Improvement – Three Why’s to Modernize

I really don’t like the word “modern”. Modern becomes old all too soon. When you read an old book or article and they are describing something “modern” it often sounds silly compared to the present moment in which you are reading!


Okay, that being said, I used modern in the title a slightly different way. I’m talking about modernizing. Bringing styles current. This is a common reason to do a home improvement.


Three Popular Situations for Modernizing a Home


There are three times when home improvement is undertaken for the sake of modernization. I’ll mention the three then we’ll talk about easy and effective ways to accomplish the goal.


First: When you are preparing your home for resale

Second: When you are preparing to move into a new purchase

Third: To enhance your enjoyment of your existing home


Your specific reason or reasons will dictate exactly what you do to accomplish the improvement of your home. Before I get into a few specifics about each situation I’ll outline some of the most popular and effective ways to accomplish the process of modernization.


Most Effective Home Remodeling Tips to Modernize


Ways to modernize are virtually endless but here is some food for thought.

Replace old style and worn carpeting

Replace dated ceramic tile

Remove old wall-paper

Upgrade counter-tops

Change out appliances

Install new kitchen and bath cabinetry

Change lighting fixtures

Upgrade faucets and other plumbing fixtures

Paint, trim, and window coverings

Hiring an interior designer is a great way to get ideas and get some direction. Most of the time you do not need to retain the designer to take charge of the project. You can simply pay her to give you some ideas or even prepare a plan that you can follow yourself.

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But, before you dive headlong into your project, let’s go back and analyze your reasons for the home improvement.


1) Preparing for resale: When you are preparing to sell your home, many times you can get by just with proper “staging”. This is where you simply just dress up the home cosmetically. However, if your home is seriously outdated, this may not work. That’s the time you may have to start well before you list your home and take care of things like removing old wall-paper, adding new paint and trim, and replacing old-style, worn out carpeting.


2) Moving in to a newly purchased home: This calls for more extensive upgrading. Some things can be done over time, but I normally advise people to tackle the big items like new carpeting and other floor coverings, replacing of cabinetry and counter-tops, and changing of outdated fixtures like tubs, toilets, and sinks before moving in.


3) To enhance your enjoyment of the home: Certainly, the items in number two apply here. Yet, we would carry the project on with many things that can be accomplished over time. Light fixtures, new appliances, paint and trim, window coverings and many cosmetic changes can be done one at a time if you wish and can provide a significant change in the feel of the home.


For Profit or Pleasure


If you know your goal, your strategy will be easier to develop and follow. Whether it’s for resale, your personal enjoyment, or whether it needs to be completed quickly or it’s a process to enjoy over time, only you can know.

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Plan well, execute according to the plan and you’ll find it far easier to reach that “modern” look you want for whatever reason you want it.