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Home Remodeling Ideas to Save Money and Frustration!

Home Remodeling Ideas to Save Money and Frustration!

Today everybody is looking to save. Save money, of course, but also to save frustration and hassles. And, all the home remodeling ideas now must have those elements. Even though we’re all trying to cut back and become more frugal, we still want to create, to build and to improve our lives and our homes.

But what can be done on a limited or even nearly nonexistent budget?

Well, there’s actually quite a bit, if you’re willing to step out of your set plans and concentrate solely on adding value to your home and doing smaller, more focused projects. Sure, we’ve all been beat up some financially, but there are ways of fighting back.

For instance, when it comes to appliances and fixtures; new is nice, but there are many, many options out there that will improve the look and equity of your home and add a “gently cared for” attitude. I mean think about used or recycled items. Nobody has ever asked me if I bought a particular thing at a salvage yard after its been installed. And, if it works perfectly, who cares?

Look in Craigslist or simply Google “particular item your town” (ie. used fireplace insert Dallas TX) and be willing to flex a little. Also, see if there’s a salvage business close to you. Google “salvage building materials your town” or “used appliances your town.” Some larger cities even have more than one. Habitat for Humanity also has “ReStores” all over the country. If you’ve never been in one, you don’t know what you’re missing! Nice stuff, cheap.

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Always buy your own materials. As a homeowner, you are considered the General Contractor. That means you’re the boss. Talk to your building contractor (if you’re going to hire one) and see if they’re willing to not mark up the materials and show receipts as they go. Most will, or at least sell them to you for what you could get them for from Home Depot. Get 3 bids and tell all the bidders what you’re doing if they ask.

Do as much of the work as you can. The people at the “big boxes” are usually more than willing to show you how to do things. A lot of them have actually worked in the industry. And, every remodel is made up of parts and pieces. You’d be surprised what you can do! Remember: most home improvements don’t return what it cost to do them unless you do the work yourself.

Be patient. Buy items out of season (furnaces and insulation in summer, AC and landscaping supplies in winter, etc.) and hire labor in the rainy season or winter when they’re hungriest. Also, if you’re planning a large remodel and can take your time, buy the individual items when they are on sale, gathering your materials and storing them in the garage until you’re ready.

Finally, don’t finance the project… even if you plan on putting your home on the market when you’re finished and pay off the loan then. In fact, unless you’re comfortable jumping into large projects, don’t even consider ones that need you taking out a loan. For more information, along with free tips and ideas for your home, go to and click around. You’ll find lots of ways to help you get the most bang for your buck!

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