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Home Renovation at a Low, Low Cost

Home Renovation at a Low, Low Cost

Renovation can be a cleansing and beautifying experience for your self and space. Renovation can also be stressful, overwhelming and confusing. What should I fix, keep or exchange are the common questions when wanting to change up your home. For instance, if you have a beautiful glass window or table and it has some scratches on it, one might believe they would have to replace that window, but there are always solutions for damaged glass, wood, doors, ceilings, floors etc…. One window scratch remedy can be found on ezine article under glass-scratch removal. There are many remedies that you can find for almost any damaged part of your home on the internet. Before you start spending big dollars to replace everything that has a little scratch or dent see if it can be repaired to your satisfaction.

If you decide to actually get a new kitchen, bathroom, floor, windows, doors etc… finding the best quality for the best price is the next step. Relying on services such as Angie’s list or Service Magic, and or great references from family or friends would be the way to go. Set aside two Saturdays or a weekend to interview contractors, in depth. In depth means face to face interview asking at least 20-30 questions which you have thought of beforehand, calling their current and past references, searching on-line for any complaints against their license, making sure they have a license and a good score with the better business bureau, and visiting some of their client’s homes that they completed. You want to take as much time finding someone to work on your home, as you do if someone were to do surgery on a loved one.

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Renovation also does not have to involve a great deal of cost or effort. Sometimes it can be replacing the doors to your kitchen cabinets, new flooring, paint and some posh. There is a product called Reclaim for changing the stain of your kitchen, bathroom cabinets or wood furniture within a few days. Adding some new furniture pieces and buying some new curtains, pillows and rugs can also be considered a renovation.

Talk to your CPA, CFA or accountant about a budget that will not put you in jeopardy financially. Also talk to your realtor or a realtor in the area who knows if values are going up or down, in your neighborhood, to help you decide how much money, realistically, should be put into your home.

Anyway you go about a home remodeling or renovation get your self and your home organized first. Next make your home beautified and comfy, so you can enjoy your time there, more and more!

Remember the outer is a reflection of the inner you, and home is where the heart, mind, body and soul rest regularly.