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Home Ventilation: Why More Fresh Air Intake Is Better at Home

Home Ventilation: Why More Fresh Air Intake Is Better at Home

Natural home ventilation are sometimes forgotten when building homes because they rely too much on artificial ventilation systems more particularly when they have air conditioners installed. Don’t trap the air inside your home let it circulate, release warm air at home, then take cool air outside. Because if you do, here are some of the effects of maximizing ventilation at home:

Minimize Indoor Air Pollution

As we breathe, carbon dioxide comes out carbon dioxide comes in. If we only have a few ventilation systems inside our homes there will be no way carbon dioxide will go out of the house, and we will only have few oxygen to inhale, therefore we find it hard breathing inside our homes.

Aside from carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide will also be a problem. Carbon monoxide is like a silent assassin, you will never know if you have inhaled it but you will experience drastic effects when you did. Common symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are frequent headaches, nausea, vertigo, and you feel weak.

Another problem of homes without ventilation is are dust, tobacco smoke, pesticides, household chemicals that may be toxic when inhaled, some can even cause cancer, tuberculosis, and other deadly disease that could have been prevented if your home is properly ventilated.

Controlled Humidity

A very humid house can help grow mold and mildew fast. A mold outbreak can cause thousands of dollars to treat compared to remodeling a home that is made to increase the ventilation of the home.

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Insects that enjoy very humid places will be pestering your home. Dust mites and cockroaches likes humid places. Dust mites are irritating if you have one at home. Family members allergic to dust mites will have severe problems. Cockroaches are major carriers of disease, it’s very dangerous if you have children in the house.

Homes will lower humidity than what is required can affect the home. Your house will decrease its quality like cracks in walls and wood floors. One major problem of homes with low humidity is static electricity.

Family members will have drier skin and experience nose and throat irritation often.

Reduced Island Heat Effect

This occurrence happens when one area is warmer than the other areas in a certain location. More ventilation means the air indoors are almost equal to the air outside. And when we reduce heat, we minimize the need to use artificial ventilation system and inhale a fresher air.