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Humane Contain HC-8000 Review

Humane Contain HC-8000 Review

The humane contain HC-8000 by High Tec Pet is both a lot and very little for your money. You can get their HC-8000 system for $100. That seems like a great deal. This system has a good set of features, much more than you would usually expect in a fence of this price.

Standard you get:

• Progressive correction levels

• Battery backup available

• 18 gauge wire

• 2 collars

The Humane Contain can also be used with a range of accessories including a scat mat and a automatic dog door that is triggered by the humane contain collar.

There are two big problems:

First, these systems are really inconsistent. We have heard from owners that the collars have a lot of problems and break. There are also reports of the collar correcting the dog for no apparent reason. Second, is their customer service. We hear that they are not very good at fixing problems when they arise. They have 25 pages of complaints at consumer affairs.

Here is what you get in the box:

• Base Station – one of the bigger units. It has the usual controls,

• the boundary width dial

• the power boost switch here lets you power yards up to 50 acres

• basic on/off switch

We like that all the controls are big, well laid out and clearly base station is meant to be waterproof, we have found that it is not. I would not mount this outside. It has an optional rechargeable battery pack that slots in the back and lets you run the system when there is a power failure. It costs about $20, which isn’t bad value. It is the only in ground pet containment system with a rechargeable battery for the control unit.

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Collar – it looks dated. It does have proportional correction, which is okay, but better still would be to have adjustable correction levels so that you could set the base line correction level.

The collar uses a proprietary battery from Humane Contain. They cost about $5 and last only a month which gets costly. There is are chargeable collar available with their higher end systems. But, the big flaw in this system is that this collar is not reliable. There are lots of reports of this triggering for no apparent reason, and we hear complaints of these breaking early in their life.

The included wire is a very impressive 18 gauge. The insulation on this is really thick and it is very impressive that this comes standard in the box. The system also comes with a generous 10 splices.


The system has a 90 day money back period, then a one-year warranty. But we’ve heard numerous complaints about customer service and so would not have a great deal of confidence in it being honored. This should be a great deal. But the unreliability of the system make this system something I would not be comfortable putting on my dogs.