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Keep Your Baby Safe – Install a Safety Fence Even on Your Pool

Keep Your Baby Safe – Install a Safety Fence Even on Your Pool

As responsible parents, we always find ways to keep our kids safe and protected. And so we install safety baby monitors, safety play pens and even a safety fence on every part or area of the house that needs one like the stairs, the doorway to the kitchen, and even on the swimming pool. Now, putting a fence around the swimming pool is extremely important if you want to make sure your bay is safe from accidents and harm. Survey says that pool fencing has greatly reduced the number of deaths caused by drowning and so we must consider making the backyard pool safe for our baby as well.

One type of fencing the pool is through isolation fencing. Through this type, you will have to fully and completely enclose the pool with a fence that is made of bars or pickets. The fence should be at least 5 feet high and the distance between the bars should not be greater than 4 inches.

Another type of fencing is perimeter fencing that encloses the pool as well but not completely as it has a little opening to allow access to the house. This is of course much better than no fencing at all but of course the risk to take is that kids could easily open the door that leads to the backyard pool and so the fence might become useless.

Other types of pool fencing are pole, vertical bar and panel fences that could be made of metal, wood, fence-grade plastic and even safety glass panels, solid barrier fences that are constructed sturdily with rock, brick, cement and stucco walls, horizontal and vertical combination fencing that looks like cross bars that may be advantageous since it can be sued for climbing, chain link and latticework fencing that are usually framed and diagonal to keep kids from climbing on it, and many more!

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Whatever type of fencing you would prefer for your home pool, you must always consider the purpose of buying a baby gate or a safety baby play pen in the first place – and that is the baby’s safety, security and welfare. And so, you must not compromise quality and safety for price. You know better than that.