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Keeping Your Dog Warm During the Cold Snap

Keeping Your Dog Warm During the Cold Snap

It’s important to remember that, throughout the winter season, it’s not just us humans who get cold – our canine companions can suffer also.

As such, why not consider investing in a few dog coats for your furry friend? These are highly effective for keeping pets warm and cosy when out for a brisk walk on a winter morning.

There are a range of styles available for a pampered pooch, and different options depending on the budget you have set yourself. The first thing to think about before choosing a coat is what seasons you’d like your pet to wear it? Will it just be for winter, or if you have an elderly pooch, perhaps for all year round?

For the winter season only, a heavy, waterproof option may be best; however if you require a coat for all-year-round, a lightweight mac might be a good choice. Additionally, is the dog young and lively, or slightly older and more mellow? If the latter, it is important to get a coat that can be fitted easily, so as not to cause any distress to a more elderly pet.

Some doggies may not take well to their coat at first, so it may be an idea to let them wear it inside for a while, to get them used to the feeling.

There are of course a range of colours and patterns available to dog owners – perhaps if you and your dog have wacky, outgoing personalities, you might consider a brightly coloured coat with a colourful pattern. Muted, subtle tones may be better suited to those who are slightly quieter, and less interested in being noticed.

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Another way in which to protect your beloved pet from the chilly ground is to invest in some dog booties, which can help protect their pads from slushy ice and snow. Additionally, if the pavements have been gritted or salted, this can get under their nails and cause pain.

By treating your pal to these, you will make their walks a lot more enjoyable throughout those cold winter months, and ensure their skin, dog coat and paws are well-protected at all times.