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Protect Your Garden With Pressure Treated Fence Panels

Protect Your Garden With Pressure Treated Fence Panels

There are an abundance of uses for garden fencing but the one that is of highest concern currently is protecting your garden for the winter and using fencing as a shield. It is important to remember that fences have a variety of uses. Not only does garden fencing protect your garden from the harsh weather conditions but they offer an attractive surround which will allow you to obtain some eye catching summer and winter garden images. With blustery winds expected to set in very soon garden fencing is the perfect protection for your garden.

The panels you choose is very much your decision but treated panels in particular have a design that allows the wind to pass through the fencing rather than pressure the fence which reduces the chances of your garden fencing collapsing.

Treated panels differ as they are dipped in wood treatment which allows the wood to soak up a protective dip. This then means that your fencing is not just protected by a coat of paint on the exterior but protected throughout the entire wooden panels which adds to the strength and reliability that the fence panels offer.

Pressure treated fence panels are constructed by being screwed in rather than nailed which makes the fence sturdier. Certain treated panel designs such as hit and miss have one front and rear panels that are screwed into a middle framing. Being designed in this way it ensures that wind has the opportunity to pass through small gaps which reduces the strength of the winds not only adding to the stability and reliability of your fence but also protecting your garden.

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Compare this type of construction to the non treated fencing and you will certainly see a difference as the non pressure treated panels are nailed to each other rather than screwed which does not make them unreliable but not as stable as the treated designs.

As you would expect pressure treated panels are more expensive so it will also depend on your budget on which fence you can afford to buy. The advice we would offer if you are looking to buy garden fencing to protect your garden this coming winter and would be to purchase pressure treated panels. There are extensive ranges of fencing types that are treated so you will be able to find a garden fencing style to suit your home.

For example if you are looking for an original design then the horizontal hit and miss fencing are ideal. Or would you rather have a more attractive and contemporary design like the Prague fence panels. Garden fencing can be styled simply by altering the top of the panel for example a curved or wavey design adds appeal simply and effectively.

Whether you are looking for front or rear garden fencing there are treated panels to suit all of your needs with 4ft heights; perfect for the front garden and 6ft for the back garden.