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Table Saw Fence: What to Consider When Buying Your First Table Saw and Table Saw Fence

Table Saw Fence: What to Consider When Buying Your First Table Saw and Table Saw Fence

For your first table saw, you may have a hard time choosing the correct kind to invest in. This is because there are wide varieties of saws in this category you can choose from. However, if you conduct a little research you will have no problem. Here are some tips that will guide you in choosing a proper saw and table saw fence.

Table Saw Fence: This is the sliding part of the saw. It is used when you are feeding wood on the saw. The quality which your table saw fence will give you will determine the cost of the saw. The cost is directly proportional to the quality of wood resulting from the fence. For most of the contractor saws, they use an average fence. Beginners should also consider using average fence since it is easy to use and also gives high quality results. However, after market fences can be of higher quality and provide better results.

Tilt: The tilt is a feature included in these units. Its main importance is to help with precision cutting. In the past, cutting units only had a right tilt, but at the moment, you can find some that feature left tilt. The left tilts were only available to few professional cabinet models. Nonetheless, many people prefer using the right tilt versions since they have more accessories than the left tilt varieties.

Miter Gauge: This is an accessory fitted on the cast iron table top. The main purpose of the miter gauge is to guide the wood when you are cutting it. The quality of the miter gauge that comes with the saw is of average quality. You can buy a new one from a local outlet which is of higher quality.

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Power: The size of the saw determines the power. Bigger saws are fitted with bigger motors that have ability of producing greater horsepower. For professional work, 3-5 Horsepower will be suitable. An average of 2 horsepower is normally suitably for home use.

Table Saw Blade: There are different kinds of saw blades available in the market. These blades vary in shape, material of make and size. The material used to make the blade is the most important factor. A variety of blades called combination blades is the most commonly used.

Of note: the table saw fence is generally the weak link in a new saw system. As noted above, a good recommendation when buying a used saw is to invest in a new table saw fence.