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Temporary Fence Options For Your Construction Site

Temporary Fence Options For Your Construction Site

When it comes to real estate, there is always the issue of security. Property owners will always make sure that their property is secured against those that can cause damage or do something undesirable to the property. These “undesirables” include, but are not limited to, thievery and arson. A property owner cannot allow that to happen. If he does, he’s looking his investment in his property.

Of course, fencing comes along while the property is being constructed. However, fences are not constructed right away at the start of construction. Ground-breaking is always the first concern, and then fencing work may start once the building has been laid out. Still, fencing is a prime concern that’s why there are temporary fences constructed around the construction site.

However, security is not the only concern that leads contractors and property owners alike to fence in their construction sites. Another reason is soil erosion, which happens as a result of the construction. This is because the topsoil is brought out and dug in order to establish the foundation of the building being constructed. While it is normal in a construction site, it is still important to keep the eroded soil and sediments from escaping out of the construction where it can cause off-site problems.

One of the things that arise from on-site soil erosion is sedimentation. If left unprotected, sediments can find their way out of the construction site and perhaps into a city’s storm sewer system through storm drains found near the site. This can result to degradation in the quality of the city’s water system, which can pose serious health risks especially to those that rely on municipal water for their needs.

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Because of those risks posed by soil erosion and sedimentation, countries around the world are requiring firms to take measures to control the effects of soil erosion and keep it contained inside the construction site. Failure to do so will result to fines, and the company may even be compelled to initiate clean-up efforts to restore the quality of water and repair the damages to the storm sewer system as a result of sedimentation. That can be costly, and something that a company should avoid having to do.

There are many types of temporary fencing available for any construction company to choose from. It is best to buy those that are done by firms that specialize in making such fences rather than coming up with your own. With these firms you have a lot of options including the following:

Printed Dust Fence. Using vinyl banners secured unto posts, printed dust fences act both as erosion control as well as advertisement for your company. You can use the banners to display company name and contact information for all to see.

Visual Barrier Fence. If your construction is located along the road, visual barrier fences are useful because they easily identify the borders of your site thus avoiding accidents. They have banners or barriers that are painted in bright colors, including bright orange so that they can be seen day or night.