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The Ultimate Sports Dog – Hail the Collie!

The Ultimate Sports Dog – Hail the Collie!

From the days when man began domestication of animals, the dog became a constant companion of his. There is no doubt about that fact that dogs were much more ferocious in those days than they are today, still man understood that not all breeds of dogs can be used as a help for hunting. It was perhaps then when he started to segregate breeds and then choosing from them to become his ultimate hunting partner. And since then, Collie dogs have been used as hunting assistants, spotters and pointers!

The Collie Dog

The collie has been one of the most instrumental breeds which reaffirmed man’s faith in dogs and made him call the dog as the ‘man’s best friend’. It is due to this breed, that dogs have received the honor of being called man’s best friend. The collie dog can be trained to become an expert sniffer as well an expert swimmer. Collie dogs have found their want and popularity in marshlands where the hunters have to rely on dogs for early spotting of game and also pickup of the same when the game is hit.

The origin of the collie dog is from the wild breeds. It was not long before man began to try train the wild animals as well and it was then, when he felt the importance of the collie dog and was mesmerized with what he saw. Some expert hunters even go lengths to praise the breed by mentioning that it is the most intelligent of all dog breeds! If you’re considering a dog as a pet, you can certainly look for the collie. There is one problem with that though – the real attributes of the dog can be seen in a game hunting facility or in the forest only. Day-today training suitable for other dogs might not be the same for the collie.

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The border-collie is often used for herding sheep and as a help to the security agencies as well – and that includes the police sniffer dogs. The Collie is a swift and agile dog which runs as fast as it thinks and that is what makes it a great object of possession of its master.

Physical Characteristics

Many people want to know the ‘identifiable’ traits in the collie breed that will help them choose the best hunter dog. Ask the experts and they will say to look for a ‘black-nosed’ collie! Black nosed collies are supposed to have the strongest sense of smell and also are the most agile. If you’re keen on dog testing, be prepared to be surprised because the collie does not get tired easily and has a seemingly endless stamina!

The hind legs of the collie are the strongest and thus help him occasionally jump higher than its counterparts and also to run faster. They are natural born expert swimmers but you are expected to train them to swim swiftly when they are young. It has happened many a times that the dog was never taken into a swimming pool when it was a pup and now he developed a fear for pools! As mentioned above, it all depends on the conditioning.