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Tips on Greener Garden Designs That Are Pet Friendly

Tips on Greener Garden Designs That Are Pet Friendly

Green garden designs are popular today because of an ever increasing public awareness about the importance of sustainability. There are a variety of simple ways to make a garden environmentally friendly.

Many people who care about this increased level of sustainability want their garden design to be animal friendly as well. Many methods exist that can help gardeners create a greener garden that is also a safe and enjoyable place for pets.

One way to do this is to use thick mulch throughout the garden. Mulch helps the ground withhold its moisture for longer than regular dirt or rock surfaces would. This helps to greatly conserve water over time. Mulch is also very soft and will not harm the sometimes delicate feet of pets when they roam the garden area.

Another tip that helps with water conservation is having a water collection device. This can be a bucket or large barrel designed to catch and hold rain water. These are usually placed below gutter systems. Collected natural water can be used to irrigate the garden and possibly eliminate the use of well or city water systems. Pets are also able to drink from the rain water that is collected and stay hydrated as they spend time in the garden area.

Fences are an important aspect for any garden and can be constructed in ways that are both animal and environmentally friendly. Gathering rocks to build a stone wall is a great option for those who want to do this. Dead tree branches and limbs can also be cut and constructed into a fence. Making a fence out of natural materials is a great way to conserve the resources that would be needed to build one from bought materials. These fences will keep animals in areas they are meant to be in while keeping them out of those that they are not.

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Planting certain areas of a garden in a very thick manner is another great way to make a greener and more animal friendly space. A thick plant cover can be used to keep the ground shaded and moist while also discouraging animals from venturing into areas of the garden where they should not be.

Composting has long been one of the most popular garden design changes for those seeking a more sustainable gardening experience. With that being said, a compost pile should be protected in order to make it animal friendly. Rotting compost is excellent for soil but dangerous for animals should they ingest it.

A well established path system throughout the garden is crucial for those who want animals to roam freely without ruining planted areas. This is especially true for gardeners who have dogs as pets. A perimeter path around the garden is the best option for these situations.

These are just a few of the many ways that people can enjoy their garden while allowing their animals to do so as well.