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Top Tips for Hiring Residential Service Movers

With thousands of moves annually, it is almost a miracle that many of these moves go smoothly without issues. Hiring quality movers comes in handy. But even with the many moves, shoddy practices can occur. It is important and within your interest to be aware of the process of hiring genuine and experienced movers for a smooth movement. Here are a few tips for hiring the right movers for that job.

Check the Moving Inventory

A genuine moving company will always be accountable for your moving process by taking inventory of all belongings in order to determine their involvement and the task of your move. Perhaps the estimator should be handled through checking all your storage including cupboards, drawers, as well as garages among others. A considerable quantity of the mover’s charge is imposed on the bulk of the work and the space the goods are likely to take.

Ask for a Detailed Go-Through

An estimator that performs a quick walk-through without penning down what you are moving is not on the right mark. Usually, a good estimator asks questions concerning what you need to take from the current home to the next. Therefore, he sure that you are prepared to take an inventory of all the items you are moving including those you are willing to give away.

Avoid Moving Companies that Switch Their Names Often

Some moving companies evade being evaluated by the Better Bureau Business. They do that through using different names. Ensure that the company you are hiring has an address as well as information about licensing. Their staff should also answer phone calls with the company’s full names.

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Get References from Friends, Clients of Family

Your friends and colleagues can recommend an experienced moving company that they have used before. If not, you can refer to state associations movers for a list of movers. You can also ask different movers for a reference. Perhaps you can also ask the movers for a list of clients who appreciated their work. Call those customers then ask direct questions regarding the mover’s quality of service.

Choose an Actual Moving Contract with Details

Do not sign a blank moving contract. Have every detail of your move in writing. Your residential mover services huntsville al estimate and fees need to be listed. The delivery and pick-up dates also need to be noted. Ensure that you read your contract. Also, list your belongings including the serial number of your laptop. It is easy to claim a lost item if it appears on the list of inventories.

Avoid Any Packing Costs

If you oversee packing your belongings, the mover is not responsible for any damage that occurs. But, if your movers do the packing for you, you can end up paying inflated prices especially for boxes as well as the packing materials. This includes the labor. If you decide to use movers to pack up your items, then find out if they are experienced and qualified to handle the job so that you avoid overhead costs related to property damage.