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Training Dogs Effortlessly

Training Dogs Effortlessly

As a dog lover I know with certainty that training a dog to obey your orders to stay in a specific area of your property is very difficult and even impossible if you don’t know how to. For a successful regimen, dog training requires time and patience as well as assessing accurately your pet’s temperament. It also requires that your dog learn a certain set of stimulus and that they react to that stimulus in the manner that you want them to react. To simplify this training method a certain number of tools and equipment have cropped up that does the job easily and cost effectively. A popular example of these range of tools are wireless pet containment systems. Wireless pet containment systems consists technically of a radio collar transceiver for your pet to wear with that also has an electroshock system that can be calibrated for any dog type. A trip wire system is also installed buried underneath the ground around your property that will act as your fence. Since the trip wires will be buried on the ground around your property you yourself will never see the wall. Only your pet who will be reminded by a mild jolt would know that there is a virtual barrier present whenever he or she tries to go near the buried wires. This is the reason why the system is popularly called as an invisible pet fence or invisible pet wall. Some systems usually also comes with a controller for use on manual training sessions with your pet.

A good example of this type of systems is the Innotek IUC 5100 Ultrasmart Contain and Train system. Like most systems, the Innotek IUC 5100 Ultrasmart Contain and Train system is a two in one solution for your pet containment needs. It is a completely automated training system for your pet and an invisible pet fencing system all rolled into one product. The Innotek IUC 5100 package contains 500 feet of wire that can approximately cover up to 0.3 acres of land. If this does not cover your needs then by using extra wire kits you can extend the area covered up to 25 acres. It is also equipped with a wire break alarm system and backup batteries in case of a power outage. The pet collar is equipped with a status indicator that is powered by two lithium ion batteries that can be charged quickly in just two hours. This system is a guaranteed method to achieve the daunting task of training and limiting your dog within your premises in an economical and practical fashion and it has garnered good scores in dog fence reviews.

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