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What Are The Advantages Of Cedar Fence

What Are The Advantages Of Cedar Fence

If you live in the Northwestern part of the United States of America, you perhaps know by now that cedar fences are a hugely popular in that particular region. This is because the chilly and rainy climate of the Northwest makes it absolutely impossible for any other material to function properly. Cedar is favored over other kinds of materials because they are resilient, strong as well as durable. So let us have a look at some of the benefits that cedar fencing has to offer.

Cedar wood is considered to be a key fencing material due to its dimensional stability. The strength of cedar boards is twice as much as and when compared to the other softwoods. Therefore they are more pliable and easy to work with. They can withstand the extremities of temperature and hence last you for a long period of time. You will be surprised to know that cedar fencing possesses 80% of the strength of oak but weighs much lighter than that.

If you compare pine and cedar as fencing materials, pine would never be able to outdo cedar as far as the durability is concerned. The former is not as strong as the latter and would hence never be able to handle the extremities of temperature. Chemically treated pine is sometimes used as fencing material but there is also a fat chance that the process of treatment might adversely affect the composition of the wood and might even lead to split ends, blemishes and cracks.

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On the other hand, spruce fences have a lot of irregularities in them and there is a huge possibility of the wood warping very easily.

Another very important advantage of cedar is the fact that they have this unique ability to expand and contract without any kind of warping or cracking. They are extremely versatile and can maintain their positions for a long time. Therefore, unlike other kinds of fencing materials, you would not have to keep replacing them on a regular basis.

A cedar fence also has a unique smell of its own. The presence of natural oils inside cedar acts as a repellent for insects and this is the major reason why this particular kind of wood is able to save itself from the damaging effects of rot and decay.