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Why Should You Consider Getting a Microchip for Your Pets?

Why Should You Consider Getting a Microchip for Your Pets?

From surveillance to safety, electronics – especially microelectronics has made our lives simpler and safer. The same chip that was used as a location specifier is now in use as the pet microchip. This has revolutionized the pet accessory industry; accessory manufacturers who manufacture from dog tags to collars, are using this as a part of their accessory. Who could predict that the simple dog collar would become the radio-frequency enabled collar that would guide you and keep you updated on your dog’s whereabouts?

Technology is being developed only to make things easier. Technology is being developed to make us safer and now, this has been rightly extended to dogs as well. Some of the most hi-tech collar and tag, hide a miniature ultrasonic sound emitter which could be started on your go and then ‘direct’ the dog to safety. The sound engineers have so designed the emitter that would use lows and highs in the ultrasonic frequency to make dogs safer and veer them away from potential danger until the owner arrived. The importance of this technology has been demonstrated in the event if the dog ran out into the streets somewhere amidst thick traffic. The owner finds out and activates the sound emitter from his home and on his way to take the dog to safety!

Hi-Tech Pet Safety

In these fast days and increasing population, no one including the safety devices can predict a more secure future for you or your pet. They only attempt to make you stay safer and not something which is actively keeping you safe like an outer protective shell. The microchip has the agents in it to become one of the most sophisticated pieces of pet safety ever designed and it is no wonder that people are lapping up the technology. No one would want their pet to be a part of an accident or even a massive traffic jam in already overcrowded urban setups.

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Microchips often double up as the identification chip too in the presence of bar code. The bar code is sort of ‘etched’ on the collar/ the device in order to enable faster identification of the lost pet. The technology behind the chip works as mentioned.

The chip is basically a transponder which emits pulses of signal which is picked up by the nearest satellite and then transmitter to the screen of the owner. It works on the same lines as that of the GPS device. The only difference here is that the screen can be mounted anywhere including your car and at home. The pet’s exact location can be seen as a beeping dot on the screen. For advanced users, you ca even opt for a handheld device to locate your dog as you run through the park!

Just make sure that you do not become complacent after you get hold of a pet microchip because this is not a fool-proof device. You also have to be swift in your action to save your pet from getting lost as soon as the location of your pet shows up!