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Home Remodeling – How to Open Up the Space in Your Dining Area

Home Remodeling – How to Open Up the Space in Your Dining Area

In America, especially in urban areas, living in less space is a challenge shared by many. Some homeowners try to extend living space through additions but aside from being expensive, such a home remodeling project is just not practical. The best solution to your problem is through efficiently maximizing whatever space you have to increase the size of your living area without breaking the bank. This article shows you just how to do this by opening up space in your dining area.

In the past, a separate dining room is common in homes. Today, this set-up is changing and newer constructions are adopting designs that not only optimize space but also complement with the modern, on-the-go lifestyle lived by most. Other than functionality, the removing the wall and adjoining the dining area and kitchen makes the entire space as one look and feel more spacious.

Kitchens have become the new heart of homes, and the now multi-faceted functions that they serve make opening up space in your dining area so beneficial. Some advantages include easier flow and increased productivity, as well as letting in more natural light. Because the purposes of both rooms are related, it makes perfect sense to be doing so. Bigger kitchens ideal for gatherings and entertainment are more preferred by many families compared with a separate, formal dining area. Aside from being a fashion these days, open floor plans in general adds more value to your home.

Demolish the Wall

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Demolishing a wall may seem easy, but it actually is not. Some areas may even require a permit for such a home remodeling project, so make sure to check with your local departments. There are many considerations to keep in mind when opening up space in your dining area and taking down a wall. Make sure that the wall is not load-bearing. If unsure, it would be best to have a contractor or professional examine it. After evaluation, you may find that some structures cannot be totally brought down so you have to creatively work around these and include them into the design. Prior to knocking it down, it is crucial to shut down water, electrical and gas services. If needed, call on a plumber and electrician for relocating wiring and gas lines.

Kitchen Cabinets

When opening up space in your dining area to your kitchen, adding kitchen cabinets would be best to use up some of the floor space efficiently. More storage helps keep everything organized, and avoids clutter which can be an eyesore. If you want to open up just a portion of the wall, base kitchen cabinets can be used as a division. With this added counter, you will have more stations to do your food preparation which can also be used for other uses such as breakfast table, bar, etc. For high ceilings, hanging cabinet units will add practicability as well as style into the design.