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How to Maximize Sound Reduction With Acoustic Fencing

How to Maximize Sound Reduction With Acoustic Fencing

There is nothing more annoying than noisy and nosy neighbors. That is why so many people are turning to acoustic fencing! It reduces the noise level in your home while providing an unrivaled level of privacy. Regardless of whether you live next to a busy street, railroad crossing, partying neighbors, or barking dogs, acoustic fencing can help you get some sleep at last!

Acoustic fencing has a polystyrene core that provides excellent sound absorption, usually around 28 decibels.

Picking the Best Sound Absorbing Fence Panels

When it comes to choosing acoustic fencing, you want to be sure you are getting the best sound reduction available. This means you need fence panels that can absorb and deaden sound. There are several types of fence panels that are specially designed for noise reduction while simultaneously creating privacy.

Urbanwall for Noise Reduction and Creating Privacy

For those of us that need to block the view and well as noise, you can’t go wrong with Urbanwall. Urbanwall range has been designed as a prestige privacy wall alternative. It is a popular choice for residential housing and commercial buildings and can add value and beauty to your property. This acoustic fencing is finished with fiber cement and is sturdy enough to withstand anything nature can throw at it. You can even spray or roll on a colour and texture finish to match these fence panels to the exterior of your home. Installing in simple, just drill or dig a row of holes, cement the posts in place, and assemble your wall.

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Dunewalls Block out Noise and Keep up Style

The Dunewall product range was specifically designed to provide maximum privacy for any commercial use. It sports a unique, eye-catching finish on both sides so that it can adhere to strict building codes. Installation is quick and easy with this acoustic fencing as well. After setting the posts in concrete you assembly can be finished within 48 hours with our bolt-less CENTALOK locking system. Similar to the Urbanwall a custom finish can be rolled or sprayed on, including an anti-graffiti coat.

Important Sound Reduction Tips

For optimal sound reduction, you want to follow the installation guide to the letter. We usually recommend that you use a qualified installer or builder, but any capable Do-It-Yourself customer can easily install their own by following the guidelines and installation tips. Once you have put up your wall you can begin the fun task of selecting your paint, cement render or texture coating.

Types of Acoustic Fencing Finishes

When choosing a paint, concrete render, or texture it is important to choose coatings that have been formulated to provide a high quality finish. This ensures that your acoustic fence panels not only look awesome, but will be durable enough to last for years to come. Some of the premium finish options include:

Smooth Finish

Roll-on texture

Trowel-on Texture

Spray-on texture


Barrier coat

Each of these finishes has been designed to meet both the homeowners and builder’s needs.