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Some Hidden Truths About Electronic Fences

Some Hidden Truths About Electronic Fences

When you start looking for electronic fences, chances are that you can easily be taken in by the claims of various manufacturers. Each manufacturer goes to great lengths to tout their electronic fences as being incredibly secure and safe. However, upon closer inspection, it will soon dawn on you that these fences have some inherent dangers and so before purchasing them, it pays to look at the different pros and cons involved.

One of the main disadvantages to using electronic fences is that these fences can easily scare your pet. A dog for example can become extremely scared and this can turn him into a very aggressive beast that will attack anyone and everyone. The only good news is that such consequences are quite rare and not every dog will act in this way.

Secondly, the jolt given by the electronically operated fence may or may not deter your pet from trying to get out. The jolt given by such fences is meant to force the pet back into their safe areas. On some animals, this might be enough while for others it may fall short and so the ones that are not deterred will not care about the jolt and will escape from their homes.

Another major worry about these kinds of fences is that the fence will not deter strays from getting in. In fact, the fence will only attempt to control your pet and so in case a stray or other loose and possibly aggressive dog gets close to the fence, then there is no security available against their getting in.

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Aggressive dogs are seldom deterred by electronic fences and so this is another major worry. In addition, such fences are also quite ineffectual in regard to keeping an animal thief away and so there is a grave danger that such thieves can enter the yard and make off with your pet. This shows that there are numerous hidden dangers that you need to be aware about.

Yet another problem with using electronic fences is that these rely on giving the animal some pain as punishment for trying to break bounds. This is really reinforcement of a negative kind that can make your dog live in mortal fear of getting painful electric jolts, even if his behavior is normal. It is far better to forgo the use of such fences and instead you should devote your time, money and effort in providing your dog with positive training that will show him how to remain within his safe area.

A dog that is surrounded by electronic fences will certainly be more prone to becoming aggressive at being confined and the shocks that they receive will only worsen their attitude. In fact, if the dog becomes sufficiently agitated, he will not hesitate in breaking through an unseen fence and in this way will nullify the advantage of using such fences.

The worst that can be said about electronically operated fences is that in some instances use of such fences will actually encourage your pet to make an attempt to escape.