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The Pet Safe Fence Reviewed

The Pet Safe Fence Reviewed

There are several electronic or hidden wireless radio dog fences on the market today, but a few have separated from the pack and established themselves as leaders in the industry. The Pet Safe fence is one of those. Pet Safe has made electronic pet products for many years and they have established a terrific reputation among pet owners for creating quality products that are durable and work well. The Pet Safe fence for dogs is no different. Below is a synopsis of consumer reviews of this specific wireless radio electronic dog fence.

While they are not the cheapest on the market, Pet Safe dog fences are among the best and offer several features that most of the other brands don’t. First, the dog collar that is included in the system not only beeps when the dog nears the boundary, it also vibrates. This goes a long way in helping to train the dog to not even get near the boundary and greatly reduces the amount of times a correction occurs.

Secondly, the batteries that are required to run the system are regular old 9 volt batteries. Not only does this cut down on the cost involved with buying new batteries, it also makes it much simpler for owners to switch them out.

The hidden fence system comes with literally everything you need to run the containment system. It even includes over 1000 feet of wire so that you can definitely cover every area of the yard, and any bushes or flower gardens you would like your pet to stay out of. Also, if any wire needs replacing, you should have an ample amount left over to do it.

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The shock levels are accurate and consistent. There is no problem with random shocks or shocks that are too powerful on occasion. Trust me, your pet will sure appreciate this feature.