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Stone Garden Water Features Add Elegance and Beauty to Your Garden

Stone Garden Water Features Add Elegance and Beauty to Your Garden

Stone garden water features for many people are a place for relaxation and contemplation. They are aesthetically pleasing and soon become a home’s outdoor focal point. Stone is found everywhere in nature and can be shaped and fitted into any garden setting.

A cascade water feature is easily adapted to any setting. The feature can be a single rock that has water flowing across the top or a series of rocks that form a waterfall or elevated brook. This is to achieve the sounds of running and splashing water. Individuals can also incorporate stone statues specifically designed for garden ponds. However, the most naturally looking and sounding water features use what nature has already provided.

There is elegance and beauty in naturally formed stone, and it can be used to develop a specific theme. Stone that has natural depressions can be used to plant grasses and other plants typically found around water. Simply fill the depression with an adequate amount of growing soil and begin planting. Individuals can add lighting so the cascade water feature can be enjoyed at night, as well. Ground cover can used around the feature to give the impression the rock formations occurred naturally. Ensure any plants or shrubs planted will not eventually block any views. Owners can also encourage the growth of mosses. The moss will be provided plenty of moisture from the mist created by the splashing water. Soon it will look like nature provided the theme and the stone garden water feature will be the home’s destination spot.

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Be mindful of the fact that after a few years the water garden may take on a different look. Various plants and shrubs will have grown up around the feature and they can possibly change the look and ambiance. However, many owners strive for this more natural and slowly changing environment. The stone water garden can be a private setting for relaxing and getting away from it all, or a gathering spot for all members of the family. Individuals can place stone benches or wrought iron tables and chairs near the water features to enjoy afternoon tea or that first cup of coffee in the morning.

There will be some maintenance required to maintain the water features. Leaves and debris should be removed as quickly as possible. Organic matter allowed to decompose in water can encourage algae growth. Typically, water pumps will be used and they must be kept free of debris, as well. Proper aeration will keep the water fresh and clean. Good pond aeration is also vital if individuals plan to raise fish in their pond. A cascade water feature will provide proper aeration by keeping the water moving. To prevent stagnation and algae growth the water must be provided with dissolved oxygen. Waterfalls and running water collect dissolved oxygen from the air and then deposited it into the water.